As our name implies we are all about seriously fresh
and sustainable fish & seafood. With the latest catch delivered daily from British fisheries. Our concept is simple; pick your fish, how you want it cooked and what sauce you would like. To help with your choices we have a variety of global culinary influences and a team of highly trained staff who are always happy to help you decide. As well as our mains you can also choose a range of great house recommendations for those that like it even simpler. We only use Msc certified fisheries and are always working with our suppliers to ensure conservation and sustainability throughout our menus.



Sherif Hassan Executive chef: Sherif Hassan has spent over 16 years developing his passion as a chef and for fine food that was originally instilled in him from a young age whilst working at the family run Fish business in Cairo, Egypt.

In the early days of his career he was fortunate enough to undertake his apprenticeship & work alongside some of the UK’s leading chefs his first Kitchen role was as an apprentice under Brian Turner at his flagship 3 rosettes restaurant Turners this was also his first experience of fine classic French cuisine.

During his early years he was also shaped by working alongside Terence Conran, Marco Pierre White and Herbert Berger as a Demi Chef de Partie. Shortly after this Sherif moved on to work as a junior sous at Rock and Roll legends Ronnie wood’s members bar the Harrington Club and then moved onto Piere Cardines Sketch restaurant where he was originally brought into cover the fish section for a month but ended up staying on for a year to help develop the section within the business.

After his time at sketch Sherif moved onto the Kensington place restaurant and fish mongers as a senior chef de Partie working both within the kitchen and regular shifts within there fish mongers prepping and selling the seafood produce.

This lead to Sherifs first head chef role slightly out of London at the Rose and crown Pub restaurant in Essex where he developed their traditional British cuisine with his prior fine dining experience. Returning to London to develop his skills and experience he opened Simply Fish in August 2012, always looking for the freshest food to compliment the concept, and developing the dishes we have all come to love.